Battle of the Barbaras

Good evenin’ ladies and gents! How are we all today? I’ve finished work for the day now (woop) and instead of going out like normal people would on a saturday, i’ve decided to add to the blog. Let the story begin.

Making an appearance this week, the highly tipped and rated Newham Generals. Signed to Dirty Stank (Mr. Rascal’s label) these boys are are sure bet for future (mainstream) stardom. Nice. Grimey. Aggressive. Here’s their track (not the newest I know) Frontline. Big fan of these lads. Make sure you check out their video on youtube of Tim Westwood‘s show as well. It just shows how quick and gifted these boys are. Enjoy.

UP NEXXXXXT! This is a funky tune by Xample and Lomax. This tune got posted up on youtube on the 8th of September, but will be available for purchase on Ram Records on the 27th of this month. Make sure you set yourself some reminders or add it to your wish-list on amazon, i-tunes or whatever you use to buy stuff. Anyway. Here’s a little snippet to wet your appetite.

And now ladies an gentlemen! Our main event for the night. The Original vs. The Remix. Im going to post some videos, first of the original of the song and then of the remix. The winner of the fight is up to you, the listener. I will post the results in the next blog to announce the winners. Get commenting!

First up, with the combined weight of Armand van Helden and A-track, the one, the only (?) BAAAARBARA STREISAND!


The Contender!! Sigmaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok. So how it’s going to work! Drop me a comment letting me know which you preferred of the two, I’ll count up all the scores and post the winner soon along with another ‘The Original vs. The Remix’ battle for you to fight over. I hope you enjoy it! And please feel free to comment on anything I’ve posted so far. Good or bad. It would be nice to get some feed back.

Moving on then. This is a tune by the now well known ‘XX’. It’s their rendition of You Got the Love by Candi Stanton. Yes, shock horror, it’s not an original Florence and the Machine track (although they make a bloody good job of it). Anyway here it is.

Finally (it is getting late). A wicked gangster step remix of D Mind’s ‘T-10’. This is a banger that needs to be played here, there, everywhere. Listen to it. Love it or hate it needs to be played out, with the sub cranked up to breaking point.

Well that’s it from me for now. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Saturday night out! Please do comment on my blog on here to let me know if you think it’s going well, badly, interesting, new….whatever! Oh and tell your friends!

Much love,


About waagwan

Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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