Hot like me grandma’s stove!

Hello again ladies and gents! How are we all keeping? I appologise for the delay but work has been grinding me into the floor with the hours they’ve been giving me of late… Anyway, as always, I now have loads more to add on to here so will cut short the chit-chat and get on with the main event shall I? I thought so.

First up it’s Monsieur Danny Byrd (again!) He’s just too good. Taken from the newest album Rave Digger it’s a banging acid-house-inspired tune. Defintitely a little nod to the Prodigy, this tune will having you bobbing up and down in you chair, dancing in the car and should put a massive smile on your face! For your ears only, Planet Earth

Any ideas which Prodigy track this is inspired by yet…?

Moving swiftly on now, we have a track from Skream‘s latest release Outside the Box’. This track, featuring Murs’ lyrical input, is not what I was expecting from skream having listened to their earlier stuff, but it was a very pleasant suprise. Not over the top, 8 bit samples and solid hip-hop beats all in one track works well together in my opinion! I like!

8 Bit Baby

Up next! It’s Mr. Toddla T ft. Serocce from his album Skanky Skanky with their collaborative work entitled Manabadman. A nice dance-hall rythm tune with some good Mc work provided by Serocee…big fan of this booty-shaker :-p

And now, a new exciting prospect coming straight out of Chelmsford, Essex, is a man who goes by the name of Gold Panda. A producer by trade, this man has a heavy Japanese vibe to his ambient tunes (induced by his fascination with Manga and Anime, and his studies of the country at the highly respected School of Oriental and Asian Studies). He’s tipped to be very big, very shortly and has already been asked (and made) remixes for Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco and Little Boots to name but a few. So here are two tracks from the Panda for you to chill to. The first is his own track Youand the second is a remix of Little Boots’ ‘Every Little Earthquake’. It makes me think of a cross between Burial, Aphex Twin with a slight hint of Sabrepulse…yet completely different. I, for one, can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment and will be purchasing it as soon as money allows it!

Mainly check out all of his original material.

Now something to slowly shake you out of the trance you are probably finding yourselves in, a wicked little anthem by Sigurt entitled ‘Together‘ and then a nice, big tune remixed by Dirtyphonics but originally by Shock One…It’s Polygon.

About waagwan

Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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