One year young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good day to you all! Before we proceed with a procession of proceedings, I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that this blog is now one year old! So really this is just a quick thank you to all of you who have helped me with this, read it, told your friends, commented, sent me tracks, put up with me talking about it and filled out the questionaire as well! So far, the blog has received over 1200+ views which is great (I think) considering the fact that it is all advertised through word of mouth really and me pestering people to read it.

So, considering this is a life changing moment for all of us, today’s blog will mainly be a recap of the tunes that I have really enjoyed in the year since starting this blog (not all in the drum and bass/dubstep fields either), as well as a few to look out for in future!

Now then, for the promissed procession of proceedings. First off, down the ol’ guitar/band themed road, a band for whom I have very high hopes and a great deal of time for, these guys are making a real stir at the moment, picking up momentum left right and center. Composed of the two Konstantinovic brothers -Ben lead guitar and Mark on vocals+rhythm- along with Charlie Roberts slapping up the bass and Ben Nyari pounding on the drums, The Suburbians, for me, are a very exciting, talented and refreshingly down to earth band with lots of potential. Later this month they are going on a tour of Canada after having won Irish Indie Week earlier in the year. Having listened to their album pre-release (I’m a bit like a God in that way) I can honestly say that the versitility of the band should mean that there is a track for everyone! From blues based guitar, to dubstep inspired drumming they’ve got it all! With their new video for the track, I present to you: Six in the Morning by The Suburbians

For more information about the band, reviews, interviews, upcoming gigs and the new album check out

In the same vein, there is another artist that I have been very fond of this year that is going to explode all over the world soon (my prediction anyway) it’s Ben Howard. His song Old Pine has been one of the songs of the summer for me! Such a relaxing, ‘simple’ tune that just allows you to get carried away and drift off with your thoughts. Great guitar, warm, soothing vocals, enchanting lyrics…I love it. The video for it really marries itself well to it as well. Quality summer song by an artists massively hyped by the surfing community.

For more information on Ben or his debut album ‘Every Kingdom‘ visit

Now then. A bit retro (very) but wonderfully funky, I give to you ‘The Meters‘ with their oh-so-gooseneckingly-funky tune Cissy Strut. I don’t really have much to say about this except enjoy the late 60’s funkiness!

Right, from Funk to some funky break beats. Cut and Run…marry me? How can words describe this? Cut and Run (Deekline and Ed Solo) and their sub label Crisp Biscuit have rocked my world and made me fall back in love with breakbeats. Seriously good remixes worthy of any awards going but criminally overlooked. Seriously, just, seriously…aaaaaarghhhhhhhh. They’ve already appeared on the blog (last post in fact I believe) but I just cannot get over the sheer madness that they come up with! So here are a few for your aural pleasure!

For more information on Deekline and Ed Solo visit:

And now on to the ‘darker’ side of music…some rub-a-dubstep! Starting with a biter (the reason for this will become obvious…it’s 16Bit with their wicked tune Dinosaurs. I honestly think this is a wicked little track worthy of note. The video for it is pretty damn cool too! Lot’s of potential for t-shirt designs I think :-p (ask permission first though! Don’t want a lawsuit for something as trivial as that now do we!?)

A track that has effects that make you scramble for cover thanks to it’s bullet-ricochet sound effects, with a deep dark feel to it that make a black hole look like a bath plug, we’ve got DJ Madd with his nifty little tune Blank Space from his EP called…well…Blank Space out now on the Black Box label. Enjoy this eerie, mood building little sound nugget and then go buy it…along with all the other tunes mentioned on here!

To round off the dubstep category, a tune for those of you who, like my dad -according to my friends- like your dubstep extra WONKY! Dubba Jonny entertains with his big hitting, no mercy, ear splitting remix of ‘You Better‘ by Polydor. I hope you enjoy this!

Last but not least, we find ourselve being dragged through a hedge backwards into the always exciting world of Drum and Bass! Wooooooohooooooooooo! What treats I have in store for you here today! Where the hell do I start? Well, how does Camo and Krooked sound? I’ve spent most of the last couple of months, sat listening to this tune with my friends, by myself, driving along, with the neighbors (they were’nt really asked if they wanted to listen but didnt have much choice considering how loud the music was) it’s Breezeblock! I absolutely love this track and really is a very very good jump up and rave like a tit tune!

Now a tune that got played by so many DJ’s at Creamfields this year it’s actually absurd…Nero’s ‘Me and You’ Dirtyphonics remix. Now it took me a little while to really warm to Nero but I’m a fan of the man behind the plan now, if anything, just because it allowed this track to blow my ears apart! Seriously good jump up drum and bass that will leave you wanting to run out of the house and rave in a field somewhere…with 50,000 more people and some wicked DJs. So here it is!

Mista Jam was also present and representing at C’fields and big respect to the guy, he knows how to work a set! As a tip of the hat to Danny Byrd (playing the same tent later that night) or just because it’s god-damn amazing, he dropped Mr. Byrd‘s bootleg/remix of Incredible by M-Beat ft. General Levy. Now you’ll have to excuse me as this is a radio rip of the track (I’m finding it really hard to track down a copy of this!) but it’ll give you the idea and should allow for much enjoyment still!

And now for something a little bit more…bassy? It’s Bassnectar (a true reflection of what they do) with their wicked track Bass Head (again) taken from their Timestretch E.P. A delightfully bassy track with some interesting twists and turns to it and…just…lots…of…bass. So turn up the BASS for BASSnectar’s BASS Head.

So there you have it. A small collection of some of the tracks that I have been really enjoying and playing over and over again this year, there are so many more that it’s actually really really hard to narrow down, chose, decided which ones to put up here! I hope I’ve not offended anyone with omissions but it could have taken a year for me to finish this post and still not feel that I’ve mentioned all the tracks I should have!

Anyway, that, for me, is Waagwan‘d this year! If you have any tunes (your own or others’) that you feel NEEDS to be put up on here, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

That’s it for now!


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Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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