The Great Unknown

First of all, allow me to begin with a massive appology to the man from Amsterdam who sent me a link to his soundcloud aaaages ago and who I have (criminaly) not shared with you guys. This 19 year old producer sent me a request to put one of his tracks up on the blog a while back but I didn’t, however I have been watching him add more tracks to his arsenal since then and can safely say that I have enjoyed a great many of them. So, EQlizion, this is an appology from me to you, but I hope this makes up for it and I wish you the best of luck with your producing. With a blend of “deep, dark and hard hitting bass, from Dubstep to IDM, a sencic route through Electroland and back again” I am honoured to present to you EQlizion with two of his tracks: Barthelomeus and K.I.A

Please please please check out his Soundcloud page at as there are a lot of really good tunes up on there (such as ‘Not to be taken so lightly‘ and ‘Broken Piano‘) and these are just two examples! As always, feedback always welcome for me to pass on.

Also today I have the great Slutlockerz. This comes from a man I have known for as long as I remember and have a wicked E.P of mixes of great British Hip-hop. He has now put aside his DJ crown and replaced it with his producer’s cap. Collaborating with a friend of his on the mic, it is -once again- my honour to introduce you to Slutlockerz. Nice chilled vibes, melodic piano riffs, a Gotan Project sounding tune, ‘conscious hip-hop’ inspired rhymes…this Anglo-French hip-hop fusion is ‘entente cordiale’ at it’s musical best.  Seriously good tunes, all different to each other…I love it! Miss it, miss out! Here’s Keep on spinning for you to enjoy.

Right, now on to the more main stream arena, starting with Unquote. Straight out of Med School, the Russian 20 year old is causing a stir with his latest album ‘Reverberation Box’ and honestly it’s a cracker! Deep, dark and reminiscent of a Burial, Clarke, Board of Canada hybrid, this man has truly found his own sound and is killing it! A great album that I strongly suggest you buy (I got the vinyl-cd combo because I’m greedy like that) make sure you check him out and keep tabs on him as I’m expecting great things to come from him in the future! Tracks that are tipped to be big include ‘Hide your tears because we are in heaven’ and ‘Lubov Moya’ but my favourites are Dopamine and Heavy Rain. So for your pleasure here they are.

And now for some of the videos I’ve been watching a lot on youtube et al. Starting with some wicked beatboxing courtesy of Eklips (another Frenchman) beatboxing his way through hip-hop history in a single take…massively incredible tekkers!

From France back to England now with (realtively) local boy Devlin ft. Yasmin and his tune Runaway. Essex lad Devlin featured on Ch4’s Life of Rhyme (great show if you can watch it on 4OD). Great track in my opinion and worth following him to see how he gets on!

That’s it from me for the time being as I could be up all night doing this but unfortunately work calls early in the morning! I hope you enjoyed the tunes I’ve put up and please comment on them as without feedback it’s hard to know what you guys want to hear more/less of! Also just so you know, I’ve created a facebook page so that you can get regular updates but also so it can be used as a forum to send me music, discuss it all and have a bit of fun with it

Here are a couple of site you may want to visit to discover more music/blogs in a similar vein of interest!

Until next time, that’s Waagwan!


About waagwan

Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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