So you want more?

Good morning pilgrims! How’s it going? Well I’m back with some more magic for you today! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really been digging my UK hip-hop and rap, smashing out a lot of SB.TV on my days off and found some quality stuff! So here we go!

First up, Elro. Welsh rapper extraordinaire from Chepstow appeared on SB.TV and now has over a million hits on youtube as well as his mixtape to download for free at

Take one Welsh man, add camera x1, beats x1, bars x 64, sprinkle liberally with quick wit and a sense of humour to boot and waddya get? A great video that should make you chuckle! Talented wordsmith at work:

Also worth checking out is his ‘warm up’ session which is hilarious!

Another on SB.TV is Akala, renowned for his ‘conscious’ brand of spit. He recently did a documentary on Ch4 which was well worth watching if you’re interested in the state of British hip-hop called Life of Rhyme which I cannot recomend enough! In fact I suggest you stop reading this and go watch it now…and then of course come back to this and tell everyone you know about this blog :-p Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here’s Akala doing his F64 for SB.TV

If you like these two artists then might I suggest you go check out Lowkey, Chiu, Black the Ripper, Brain Tax and Skinny Man amongst many many many more!

Right, that’s enough of that for now. Up next we have some glorious dubstep to play in HD that will really test the foundations of your house! Hailing from Estonia, Mutated Forms have really caught peoples’ attention with their tunes and are being bigged up by movers and shakers such as Metalheadz, Goldie and Fabio, these lads are a massive emerging talent and don’t be surprised if you can’t get away from them in the not so distant future! Here one of my favourite tunes by them, Wastegash…no I’m not sure what it means either.

(Big credit to Ga0khan who uploaded this for the visuals! His videos are wicked!)

Now a new tune by an old master, it’s BCee and he’s back with a glorious, melodious, tranquil track featuring Robert Owens. Really quite relaxing! The head honcho at Spearhead has nailed it for me with this one and has released a double vinyl+ CD package for everyone to own for under a tenner. What a gent! Enjoy. BCee “Keep the Faith”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy said album!

I hope you enjoyed this latest rendition of the blog and as awlays, please comment, rate, follow, suggest and spread the word about this blog! Find updates on facebook as well and feel free to post on the wall!

Take care my friends.






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Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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