Back with a BANG(er)

Yes, it has been an unforgivable absence from me. Nothing I can say will make better what I have (or rather haven’t) done. So we’ll leave it at that :-p

This week, I have quite the double whammy for your eyes and ears! Having very recently released two new tracks “Smuggler” and “After Midnite”, I was massively fortunate to be able to ask Gridlok a few questions! Booooom that made my day! So before we go any further, HUGE shout out to Gridlok for taking the time to answer, and to Joanna at RealPlayaz for sorting this all out!

So, tracks first? Yer why not! Right, first up we have an absolute smash and grab job in the form of smuggler. I’ve got my test press coming my way, where’s yours?! Bit of a banger this one, nice way to get into the groove for the night. Loving the drums to be fair, but enough about me….LISTEN TO IT!

On the flip side, we are confronted with After Midnite. A darker, more stripped back tune which, in fairness still packs a punch! A solid track and frankly probably my favourite of the two. Again, too many words, not enough listen…

And now for the bit that got me a little excited…I GOT TO ASK HIM SOME QUESTIONS!!! Now granted, I am not the worlds most accomplished questions askerer (yes that is a real word/job no matter what your copy of the Oxford English dictionary says!) but I think I snuck a couple of good ones in there and actually dicovered a few good tracks/albums from this! Also, the man’s got a very refreshing and grounded view on this ‘faking it/button pushing’ war that seems to be raging from everywhere! To be completely honest, I’m inclined to agree with him but I’ll let you guys pass judgement on what he said:

5 Tunes that changed your life

i’ve been trying to answer this question, and i simply can’t so here are 5 albums in no particular order:

Vangelis – Bladerunner Soundtrack
Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole
Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
Massive Attack – Mezzanine
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

3 Tracks you don’t leave the house without at the moment

Noisia and the Upbeats – Dustup
Prolix and MC Coppa – On Like That
The Upbeats and Dose – Tangerine

If you could co-lab with anyone in the world, who and why?

I’ve just finished working with SPKTRM on mixing and mastering his new LP. I found it to be quite a rewarding experience and would love to work with other artists as their producer in the future. Tom Yorke or Bjork would be CRAZY!

If you weren’t doing what you do now, would the world stop spinning, or do you know what other job you’d have?

The world would definately stop spinning!

How’s your role as a Music Director going? When’s the film out?

It’s early days at the moment with alot of ambitious goals ahead. I need to give the filmmakers time to get all their footage together.

What’s the best/worst thing about EDM?

The best thing about it is it’s a chance for an individual to express themselves with a full range of sound.
The worst thing about it is it’s really easy to fake your wake into being called a “musician”.

Best gig you’ve ever done and why?

EVER?!?!?! Probably one of the nights at The End in London. Playing after Andy C at the RAM night was epic, as well as playing one of the last Renegade Harwares there. Was just an epic underground vibe everytime really!

I don’t know if this is an issue for you, but what is your point of view of this seemingly endless debate on ‘faking it’ and ‘button pushers’ playing live that seems to be going on here?

Electronic Music isn’t live, period. It’s manipulating machines in the studio to get a sound you want. When it’s an electronic music party, I think it should be a celebration of the dopeness of beats for everyone in the room, not a chance to idolize a DJ. The DJ should be the biggest fan in the room! That’s how you get that job!

Now again I have to thank Sir Gridlok for taking the time to answer my questions, and again a shout out to Playaz for giving me the chance to ask some! Fingers crossed this goes down well for everyone involved and I get the opportunity to do this again! Here’s to hoping!

Also, just read an interesting article in this month’s Mixmag (complete with awsome mix by Ram head honcho Andy C) on DJ egos and self love by Phil Dudman:

“Truth be told, it’s only the guys in the middle of the DJ hierarchy who seem susceptible to these delusions of grandeur…but come on guys, let’s keep things civilized eh?” Keep that in mind aspiring DJs!

Anyway, it’s been a long time coming for this update but I hope you enjoyed it and that I brought something a little different to the mix!

Coming soon, dedicated Facebook page and Twitter. Watch this space and be sure to follow!

That’s your lot!

And that’s Waagwan!

About waagwan

Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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