A rare moment.

Everyone once in a while, you find a song, or an album that makes you stop in your tracks, drop everything you’re doing and just listen. It doesn’t happen very often, once every few years in my experience, but when it does – wow. What a feeling! That moment when those enchanted notes hit your ears and just make you fall apart. I was very fortunate to have one such moment a couple of days ago. Having just got back from my holiday, I immediately came online to find new tunes to put up on this blog. The house was empty, I had the place to myself, beer in hand…perfect hunting conditions. After coming across a few fairly good tracks, I went to check up on some old favourite artists of mine. One had just posted a new tune, apologising for using the same backdrop to his Youtube video. He really needn’t had bothered. As the tune started, I immediately sensed myself relaxing -even though my shoulders were boiling from the sunburn I had managed to punish myself with earlier in the day. Then as the music took over the room, the house, I slipped into what can only be described as a trance like state.

Selfish, introvert, narcissistic, egotistic, self indulgent. These words all carry negative connotations.  However, I have to be honest with you, this track turned me into all those things. Upon the second listening of it, I switched my monitor off, put my phone on silent, turned down the lights and let my mind race with the music. It was a strange, releasing, liberating feeling. Without having much say about it, and I’m very sorry about the cliches I’m aware I’m using, the music took over me completely. It made me think about things that had happened in my past, holidays I had taken, time spent with family, friends, all happy memories and projected them on to a wall in my mind. Some of the memories evoked I had not thought of for I don’t know how many years. It was, at the risk of sounding like an X-Factor panelist, a very rare, special moment when I genuinely connected with this music.

In terms of what I consider to be my musical Odyssey, moments like these are what make it special. You may – as I do- find pleasure in films, or books or art, and rightly so these may show you things you’ve never seen, take you away to far away lands, but generally I find these to have an agenda, and be signposted. Music like this can make you feel things that can barely be put into rational thoughts, let alone words. It reminds you of moments long gone that you had almost forgotten about that the artists has no idea you have experienced. As I said it is  a rare moment.

So now please. Turn off your phones. Close the doors. Switch the monitor on your P.C off. Stop reading this. Get out your best pair of headphones. Turn on your best sound system. Just listen. Don’t think. Take nine minutes of the day and make them yours. Only yours.

Selfish, introvert, narcissistic, egotistic, self indulgent. Most importantly, relish the feeling.

See? Much better now right? I apologise for the slightly disjointed way I’ve written in today but as I said, trying to convey the emotions brought up by this song, whilst containing the excitement of finding it and trying not to sounds like a complete loony was quite hard! I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this track as much as I did, and that it made you feel all the things that I did and that you tell anyone and everyone you know about it.

I realise I keep saying this, but when I came across this, it truly was a rare moment.

Exist Strategy ‘Sunrise’




About waagwan

Currently studying Radio Broadcasting at Point Blank Music School London. Just a guy, little bit obsessed with music and the sound of his own voice. Massively into breaks, drum and bass, reggae, hip-hop, ska, punk, house, techno....whatever I can get my hands on!
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